Drupal Web Design (With One Of The Best Content Management Systems).

Modern website design has evolved significantly since the last millennium. If you are able to use 'Word' then you will be able to edit and take full control of your site, the Content Management System will look after itself. The thematic profile of a modern Content Management System is distinctly separate from the content itself. This dichotomy makes site redesigns and navigation overhauls consistent and uncomplicated. The three most popular Content Management Systems in the world, Drupal, Wordpress and Joomla are Open Source (Free). Our graphic designers delight in creating themes for CMS's; modern CMS's, and in particular Drupal, are specifically optimised for search engines. If you are not already using a CMS we can help you during the transition. This will reduce running costs, improve natural search and take advantage of the many social engagement plugins such as comments, polls etc.


iPhone and Android Development

eCommerce on mobile devices continues to increase, mobile page views will overtake desktop page views, and more companies are increasingly have a smart-phone presence. This offers great advantage for those companies who 'are ahead of the game'. Until now, the main reason for the disconnect has been the prohibitive costs of developing mobile apps and mobile targeted sites. At Aeon Dada we use the very latest in cross device compatible HTML5 UX driven app design. This means your apps and sites behave the same on iPhone, Blackberry or Android. Using new technology dramatically reduces our build time, which has a similarly dramatic reduction in the cost we charge you.


Social Network Integration

Our sites offer full Social Network Integration, it is essential for every website to be fully involved with with social media in today's world. Participation in social media participation helps maintain contact with your users, even after they have left the website,  and learn more about their preferences and habits.  Adding social buttons to your website helps your  visitors share the content more easily with their social networks, increasing traffic to your site.

Social Engagement

The world is full of people who love to debate. Our social engagement strategies vary from client to client, but generally we look to stimulate positive debate in the area of our clients services. Typical genres we might consider, include photo blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Forums, Linkedin, article repositories and PR submission feeds. When we create the original content, it will always include traffic drivers back to the site. As this content enables comments and replies, the recent comments are displayed on the top sites and user profile activity threads, driving traffic and search engines spiders towards the content and through to your site.


Frequently overlooked, PR can be one of the most effective ways to generate positive awareness. Are you interested in reading the latest news about your suppliers and clients? If so you can assume they might be interested in your news too. Don't overlook this most powerful of internet marketing tools.


Engagement is about talking to your audience. Letting them know about something interesting, maybe make them smile, maybe cause them to think twice. We can help with everything from the 'technical set up' to the marketing and writing of your corporate communications.