Why Choose London Drupal Developers

Various Drupal Development Agencies can be found in London, where there is both a good supply of developers looking for jobs, and a number of agencies advertising vacancies. London is sometimes compared to a business island within the UK , an example that helps justify this comparision is that its housing market bears little resemblance to the rest of the country. 'Many businesses location 'in the city' have higher turnover than other towns and cities, but they are sometimes more demanding as well.  Programmers and coders that have worked within this more 'highly pressured' environment are often more competant and successful. Businesses that have tried to use 'distant' coders have sometimes found this less than ideal.

When only the best will do, and a project HAS to be on time, on spec and within budget, then nothing can equal face to face meetings. Coming down hard on a person who is not delivering is easy if in the same room, but 'watered down' if over Skype and hundreds of miles away.

Occasionally companies requiring website development have offices in the city, and nothing seems to beat face to face contact.  Aeondada selects its developers carefully, whilst although it has staff from around the world, it finds that it is extremely useful to have at least a few London based ones. Occasionally companies based in the UK's capital and centre of commerce require assistance in this area, and meetings and direct contact are hard to better.

Yahoo has come to the same conclusion?

Many people will now know that Yahoo has banned distance working and has issued a statement that says "communication and collaboration are important, so we need to be working side-by-side" and also "making connections at a distance is more difficult than working side-by-side" and finally "research shows that it is more difficult to build trust and collaboration without face-to-face meeting".

Drupal CMS Websites

Companies in other locations are often not quite demanding and have lower budgets and may not wish to incur the expense of a Drupal CMS (Contetn Management System)  website. A lower budget website might typically be done in wordpress, as the CMS will be less demanding.

For sites that are extremely demanding (and therefore higher budget), Drupal has to be the answer, hence 'The Presidents' websites whitehouse.gov   is a drupal site.  It is thought that proportionally more companies have drupal websites in London than the rest of the UK, which is why it is probably the best location for this type of development.

The city also has excellent, fast rails link with many parts of the UK, and it is not that difficult to fly to a nearby 'centre of commerce', e.g. Dublin 


The best drupal module coders in the UK (and further afield) gather each year for a 3 day camp which brings together developers, themers and users. During this time, 'the city' becomes a  'centre of excellence' for this knowledge area.

Some of the best international developers are present at DCamps (and meetings), fro example there was a presentation on the Phonegap project at DrupalCon 2011.

DCamps and events:

Dublin 28th - 30th June


Prague 23rd - 27th Sept

Portland 20th May - 24th May

DSprint Weekends 9th -10th Mar

 Northville, MI, USA, 11AM-5PM, Mar 9, 2013

Oak Park, IL, USA, All-day Sprint, Mar 10, 2013

Somerset, UK: DSprint Weekend Sat 9th (12-6pm) & Sun 10th (10-4pm) Mar Langport, UK

 drop.coop BAD Ass Sprint Weekend Sat 9th & Sun 10th Mar @ibluebag, New England House, Brighton UK

Canberra, ACT, Australia: Sprint Weekend Mar 9th-10th
DSprint Weekend Mar 9 and 10 @comm-press, Hamburg, Germany

DCamp Stockholm, Sweden Mar 9, 2013 9-5pm