Drupal Web Design by An Ethical SEO Company

AeonDada realises the importance of design, drupal developer skills, technical knowledge and SEO awareness. Ideally any company requiring website design should consider using a web design company that specialises in both Drupal and Search Engine Optimisation (ideally Ethical SEO).

 Drupal is SEO friendly and is an open source CMS content management systems (CMS) and is also the choice of professionals. Because it is open source, it has an excellent administrative system and is extremely versatile. It has a large number of well-tried and tested standard modules and other (more specialised) modules can be added as and when required. Modules include blogs, site search, user generated content areas, photo galleries, shopping carts, forums and more. Tailor made modules can be coded and then made available for the large Drupal community. Sharing of code is one reason why Drupal is so successful; it is an open source community where everyone learns the advantages of being a part of that community.

Drupal  is often chosen instead of commercial content management systems (CMS), which cost many thousands of pounds. They are both comparable in many areas, especially those which require a high degree of complex customisation, examples are multinational companies, banks, government websites, airlines, former large and complex state owned industries. In the UK the main websites for the Royal Mail Group, (Royal Mail, Post Office and Parcel Force) are together with other sites, migrating to Drupal and causing a shortage of specialist web designers in this area.
The cost of the final web design is lower than the cost of commercial alternatives, because it is (free) open source. There are other open source content management systems, however  Drupal is  used by large corporations, governments and Universities; a few examples are Sony, MTV, The Whitehouse.

Advantages with Face to Face meetings

It is suggested that sometimes 'face to face' meetings with clients are advantageous, this may be more likely in larger cities, where there are more large clients. Face to face meeting are also advantageous for larger businesses, typically based in cities, as these incur higher overheads and of necessity have to be more demanding when dealing with suppliers. In respect of web design, mobile apps etc., overheads and business running costs tend to dictate tight deadlines which are non negotiable, any over run or missing of a deadline is simply not acceptable The best drupal web design companies will have their own  proficient ' coders' so they can use the latest developments in technology to meet deadlines. AeonDada also used 'Scheduleasy' project management.
Whilst it is acknowledged that remote video conferencing is extremely useful and has a part to play in reducing travelling and meeting times, the advantages of being based in a large city and having face-to-face meetings should not be underestimated.

Why use an ethical SEO Company that specialises in web design
Ethical SEO companies have to fully understand the importance of optimised web design in order to succeed with SEO. They have to rely heavily of website optimisation and have in depth knowledge of all relevant web design technologies. They usually prefer to do their own web design as it is often faster to make a new website, than deal with the problems of an outdated website.

For web design that is versatile, flexible and has  lots of functionality, choose Drupal, an open source Content Management System (CMS). Use an ethical SEO Company that also specialises in drupal web design, and is ideally located in a major city with a client list that demonstrates their capabilities. They should also meet regularly with clients and have built up a reputation for working to (and achieving) non-negotiable deadlines.