Android Development

The importance of android and increasing use of freemiums has caused unprecedented growth in the android market and the need for android developers.

As with every aspect of programming, code and development, the quality and ability of developers varies greatly.

The best android developers will be able to have built up comprehensive portfolio within a very shoprt period of time.

Freemium will Drive 64% of App Revenue By 2015


What is Drupal

It can be described as a Content Management System and is used to build websites

1)      It is often more cost effective as it is ‘free open source’.  It is ideal for individuals and small websites, as all the required features will be freely available as ‘modules’.

Meet Our Drupal Developers

Ideal Qualities of Drupal Developers

They should be SEO aware, also choosing the best is essential to the success of a project. Whilst it is a very powerful framework, there are also examples of poorly coded Drupal websites (there are also many examples of badly coded Wordpress and other sites).

Previous Development Experience

The following help understand key server-side web development concepts,

Having been able to make visually attractive web pages.

Being able to create, modify and edit CMS templates.