Beautiful Drupal Web Design

There may be a perception that a 'Technical' SEO company using 'Drupal web design' could result in functional websites that may lack visual appeal.

This may be correct in some cases, however before making this assumption, check out the SEO Companies portfolio. As the portfolio of Aeon Dada shows -- Drupal web design can be both functional, optimised for ethical SEO and beautiful

Drupal Web Design

Drupal is a fast growing open source content management system (CMC); it is increasingly the choice of professionals.

Mobile App Development

HTML5 is the standard that is replacing HTML4, but it only fully functions with the latest versions of Safari, Opera or Firefox 4.  It has one additional significant advantage, it does function fully on mobile internet devices. Using the adAPPt compiler, HTML5 applications can be "cross-compiled" for Android  OS, iOS (iPhone),  Blackberry and Windows mobile.

HTML4 has been setting the standard for internet browser implementation from arounf the start of the millennium. Together with JavaScript and CSS 2, these 3 building blocks have shaped website design over the last 10 years.

iPhone Development

HTML5 is the standard that is replacing HTML4. It is important to note that sites coded with HTML5  only work fully with the newest/latest versions of Safari, Opera or Firefox 4.

Internet explorer (9)  only implements the new standards "partially".

A major plus point for HTML5 is that it functions with the latest generation of mobile internet devices, examples are the  iPhone, Blackberry and Android based phones.

Mobile websites written in HTML5, not only work on different operating systems, but also have many new features.