Web Design Pricing

Why Web Design is better value for money if done by an SEO company

When looking at website design pricing, don’t forget about the cost of getting the site on page 1 of google (Search Engine Optimisation).

Website designers tend to think they know about SEO, but the real experts in this field are ethical SEO Companies (like Aeon Dada)

For the same price, if you use our developers in London, you will not only get a great website, but our SEO (Drupal is also SEO friendly)  will help your site be on page 1

A bit about websites:

Static HTML Website

WereWolf Vampire and Natural Magic Drupal Theme

This theme was developed as a fun project, but nevertheless has some useful functions.

Multiple an extra two blocks directly underneath the main content provide an easy way to add front page, and section summaries such as recent posts, latest news or logged in users.

The theme is lightweight, table-less and semantically friendly. It uses a standard reset.css to help deal with browser differences. The css is split into layout, colour and taxonomy.